We are Married AF and this is our podcast. Pull up a chair at our kitchen table and hang out.

This episode we talk about some things that Randal has learned since our last episode: Twitter cannot be trusted; Vanessa Bryant is a badass; Fucking in the woods with a zombie skin mask on is yucky!  


And on that note, we go right into our thoughts on The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 9 (mid-season premiere).  Brooke has a couple feelings about this episode of TWD, and one of them is…..meh.


We answer some listener questions about dropping your spouse because of a dead tooth, resentment of a disabled spouse, and a husband who doesn’t defend his wife to his family.


AND THEN, this episode’s MurderTits is about Sean Vincent Gillis, who is a serial killer that Brooke probably saw at the grocery store in Baton Rouge. Listen to find out how close this piece of shit lived from young, dumbass 20-something year old Brooke...



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